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Senior Instructor - 125.00/hr, HST included
Senior Goalie Instructor - 120.00/hr, HST included
Run Your Tryouts - 125/hr, 150/1.5hrs, 200/2hrs, HST included
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Rates are subject to change for various reasons.

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Team Hockey Strategies
We will teach your team how to play smarter hockey and with more confidence. This is an active skating, passing, and shooting program to teach your team the different breakout, transition, and attack strategies used in a hockey game.

We progressively teach your team the steps to understand easily how to play as a team from the defensive zone to the offensive zone. Bottom line, your team will learn how to play intelligent hockey as a team.

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Team Individual Skills Development
Hockey Extreme will plan, design, and perform practices specifically for your team to immediately improve individual skating, puck control, shooting, and or body checking skills. In addition, and just as important, both the players and goalies will increase confidence, skills, and have fun at the same time.

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Team Summer Camp
Build team chemistry from the start of the season. This is a high intensity conditioning camp that will get your players & goalies in shape and ready for the upcoming season. Focus will be on individual skill development for both the players and goalies. Included in the program will be a 1hr specialized dryland program designed to increase speed and strength for all players.

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Team Strategy Book
For Total Team Success, Hockey Extreme has developed a strategy for the entire year; a team play book. In this book are team strategies, a yearly practice plan and motivational quotes for your team to continually succeed. To maintain improvement, each player will receive his or her own booklet for growing progress throughout the year. We will take time with your hockey team to review the playbook for success.
Principles of Body Contact & Checking
Hockey is a fast sport and hockey players must create better awareness to play with or without contact to reduce the risk of receiving injuries.

We will attend your team practice and teach your team the proper steps to safe and smarter hockey. Each step builds upon the previous step and brings the hockey player that much closer to being able to give and receive body checks confidently.

Step 1 Positioning & Angling
Angling can be considered the first line of defense for a player. Body and stick positions are important in checking without making contact.

Step 2 Stick Checks
Stick checking may be considered the second line of defense as angling forces the opposition to a position where contact can be made with the stick.

Step 3 Body Contact
Body contact is the third step in the progression and is used to gain separation, when a player positions his/her body between the puck and the puck carrier.

Step 4 Body Checking
Body checking is the final step in the 4 step checking progression. The checker uses their body for the purpose of stopping the attacking progress of the puck carrier and/or to separate the carrier from the puck.

Hockey players must play with their head up to make smarter decisions on the ice surface. They will learn safety measures on how to battle safely and confidently along the boards. The class will progress to game speed drills with the focus on respect for themselves and their opponents.
Coach For Hire
Hockey Extreme staff members are very qualified coaches. They will plan, design, and perform the coaching duties specifically for your team to immediately improve individual skills, confidence and team unity. In addition, and just as important, the players will have fun at the same time.

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Video Analysis of Indivdual Skills
One Great Tool to help your players develop their skating, shooting & puck handling skills. Video analysis simple allows the players to see where their skating, shooting & puck handling skills are and I will show them how to improve these skills to where they would like them to be.

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