Our system is the trademarked DOC Instruction System.
DOC stands for Demonstrate, Observe, Correct, and it is the proven system that produces results every time.

Demonstrate: We break each skill down into its component parts and then demonstrate each part, slowly and precisely.

Observe: Next we observe each student as they perform the skill. The observation is intense, as we look for performance of each of the component parts demonstrated earlier.

Correct: Finally we correct. Nobody can learn without correction. Our feedback is positive, constructive and friendly. Actively correcting any element of a skill not performed correctly, greatly enhances overall learning.

Our people are the best. I'm a former professional hockey player, 1st round NHL draft choice, and University MVP. I'm an experienced hockey player, instructor and coach. All my staff have similar credentials and all have been personally selected by me for their ability to teach hockey skills using the DOC system.

Finally, our methods are simply better. We create unique, progressive and upbeat drills that are customised to the learning requirements of each group of students. Our philosophy says "work hard, be goal focused and have fun". We can't think of any better way for serious hockey players to get better at what matters most to them. So if your son or daughter is a competitive hockey player, give us a call. You'll like what you see. I guarantee it.


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Hockey Extreme Hockey School is the leading Hockey School in Toronto. Teachers at this Hockey School are experienced Professional, NCAA and CIS former Hockey Players. If your looking for a Hockey School then Hockey Extreme Hockey School is for you.