Private Instruction/Small Group
This is a unique program that is ideal for the hockey player or goalie who wants to step up their skills. Players who work well independently will appreciate the individualized nature of the program and the 1on1 session by a HE specialist. We are trained to point out strengths and weaknesses and have many years of experience to help turn around your skills quickly.

If you can build a small group of players, we are available to teach your group the skills you desire.

Here are a few things that we can help you with:
  • power skating
  • shooting & scoring
  • body checking
  • passing & timing
  • face-offs
  • body angling & forechecking
  • 1on1 battles
  • Goalie's, we can help you with:
  • Proper positioning for playing angles
  • Proper stance + glove positioning
  • Proper closing the gap between yourself & the shooter
  • Proper Recovery Techniques
  • Proper Rebound control
  • Pivot quicker and properly
  • C-cuts, T-push, Shuffle

  • Also, we specialize in mentally preparing you for games.
  • mental side of the game
  • overcoming fear
  • returning from a serious injury
  • getting over slumps
  • and much more

  • Pricing
  • Ice cost will vary depending on location and time of day
  • Senior Instructor's fee is 125.00/hr
  • Goalie Instructor's fee is 100.00/hr
  • Per Instructor: 6 players max
  • Per Goalie Instructor: 2 goalies max
  • HST included

    Inquire for a lesson, please supply player's name, age, skill level.
    State dates/times/arena locations/what you want.
    Email information to:

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